The Walkers


The sculpture, once again a representation of us, now walks in constant circles. This is the result of synthesizing in this single action various reflections on time, politics, or economy, and how this affects human development.

The Walkers is an impossible installation, but it speaks of our reality. We are mere passengers in a cyclical system ad infinitum, which turns us into mercenaries of our entropy.

A permanent work to perpetuate the forgotten.


The impossibility of social mobility in the working class, where no matter how much effort and work one puts in, the system will keep you spinning in a spiral of decay and suffocation, reaching the same point over and over again.

Time, though linear for the human being, has led us to live in a loop that harms our social relationships. Expectations fade away only to generate new ones that fade away again, over and over.

- Structure: Steel bars
- Materials: Gold plated / Ceramic
- Environment: concrete



- Maya: SubD Modeling, retargeting animation
- Houdini: Procedural Modeling, shading, lighting and render with Arnold
- RizomUV
- Substance Painter


The elapsed time is the distance between two points. The time lived, our hands made to wipe away tears. The time ahead, yet unwritten, is only relative.


Galiza, Spain

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