The Void of Babylon


This work was commissioned to be exhibited in Madrid during a festival of music and digital art. The condition was to create a work where water had a presence, and this is where my motivation comes in. I have always been fascinated by the idea that the Euphrates River, the fundamental source of life in Babylon, was also the great tool to bring death to the same people, since the Persians used it to invade the city, even diverting its course. By coincidence of life, the name of the festival was ideal for this: Babel River.


In the work we can see a room with a giant water maelstrom and a human sculpture hanging from the ceiling, both in constant motion and looping. I gave the Euphrates the shape of a giant maelstrom to convey the virulence of a source of life becoming a source of destruction, in addition, the human sculpture accompanies in the opposite direction in a sense of falling into the void, as it is representing a weak balance, with a pendulum movement that brings impending doom.

- Structure: Steel bars
- Materials: Gold plated / Ceramic
- Water: From Euphrates
- Maelstrom System: An internal motor sucks the water and through internal pipes it is expelled again.


- Maya: SubD Modeling
- Houdini: Procedural Modeling, particle system for maelstrom, animation, shading, lighting and render with Arnold
- RizomUV
- Substance Painter


Euphrates, now a river of tears in lament and blood, witness to fury and silence, to opulence and hunger, the one that gave life and brought death.


Galiza, Spain

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