The Nostalghia


This is an installation about how we can become trapped in memories, whether our own or others', that distort our present. It's a maze of mirrors where we can wander endlessly among reflections of something that might only be an illusion, a vague reconstruction of something that never existed.


Memory is the foundation of history and what we build our own lives upon, but there's a risk that the fear of forgetting, and thus not learning, becomes our prison, keeping us trapped in memories ranging from the pedestal of a moment, perhaps never as important, to the pain that perhaps never hit us so hard.

- Structure: Steel bars
- Materials: Gold plated / Ceramic
- Labyrinth: Marble
- Floor: Wooden planks



- Maya: SubD Modeling and animation
- Houdini: Procedural Modeling, shading, lighting and render with Arnold
- RizomUV
- Substance Painter


Nostalgia, the adulterated harmony of what was, perhaps the impulse of what is, maybe the anchor of what could have been. Nostalgia, architect of tragedy, inspiration for rupture, melody of a singular beauty.


Galiza, Spain

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