The Fallen Angel


This work uses the mythical figure of a fallen angel, the one who in contact with the human ended up perverting himself, and therefore the one who was outlawed and deprived of his wings for opposing the divine dictates. A figure belonging to religion that has different representations in the earthly world, in humans of flesh and blood, as we see today with activists who also dared to bring knowledge to others and oppose power.

The angels ended up banished, the humans imprisoned.


The connection between both concepts is synthesized in this installation. We can recognize the human figure, the character of all my works, in a posture that clearly reflects the idea of the angel in its perpetual fall, but it is anchored, it is imprisoned to the morphology of the room. These bars are the representation of oppression, the structure of the system, the power that governs them.

- Structure: Steel bars
- Materials: Gold plated / Ceramic
- Feathers: synthetic
- Structure system: The feathers are sucked up when they reach the ground and transported by an internal piping system to put them back up.



- Maya: SubD Modeling
- Houdini: Procedural Modeling, animation, shading, lighting and render with Arnold
- RizomUV
- Substance Painter


Harbinger of dawn, bringer of light, and son of Aurora. A morning star, the one that illuminates the darkness on its way.


Galiza, Spain

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